Earthquake in Mexico City

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This week I was supposed to be in Mexico City and Puebla, mentoring churches. They called a couple of weeks ago and asked to reschedule in order to have more time in developing leaders for their Global Teams. Of course no one knew that yesterday a massive 7.1 earthquake would violently  shake this area, destroying buildings, homes, schools and the tarmac at the international airport. Please pray for the people of Central Mexico in this very difficult tragedy, there are already hundreds reported dead, and we are sure that the death toll will continue to raise as they access the tragedy. We have called all of our family members and friends there,  they are fine as of now, some without power.

The first half of this next week, Xochitl and I will be at the Global Impact Celebration of a partner church in Decatur, AL, then we fly to South America for an almost 3 week trip,  to lead Global Celebrations for churches we have mentored in Bolivia, Brazil, and Peru.

Report from Venezuelan Candidate in North Africa

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This past month we were able to send D.E. from Venezuela to North Africa. He was able to spend an entire month participating and serving with several other Mexican, Argentine, Venezuelan, and Peruvian families that Connect Global has helped to send to this same country. During his time there, he was able to share speak to Christian young people, share his testimony with mslms, work along side our field partners in strategy and how they are introducing the Gospel and discipling new believers.

D. and his wife S. will be having their first child this December, and will start raising funds to leave for the field next year. D. and his family are from FBC Guanare, a Global Focus model church and whose pastor, Josue Rivas, is one of our GF Facilitators in Venezuela.

This is not the first family this Global Focus church is sending to the nations from Venezuela, they have a family serving in Central Asia, in a very strategic country, and another worker serving in Korea.

Please pray that GF can continue to mentor even more churches in Latin America, the end result is always the same, more workers to the needed fields of the unreached.

Latin American Churches are Sending Even More Workers to the Fields

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The first Global Celebration at Ekklesia was monumental for the church, it was the culmination of over a year of mentoring the church to make intentional paradigm shifts and engaging and involving their own people to be on mission for Christ locally and globally. That first Celebration we helped them by inviting several “Ends of the earth” missionaries, over 90% of all the missionaries that year were from outside the church. This last week we celebrated the fourth Global Celebration at Ekklesia, and it was extremely notable what God has done in the last four years. Now instead of 90% of the missionaries coming from outside, 90% of the missionaries were from Ekklesia! They have started an ESL program locally that is reaching Hindu’s and Mslms teaching them English, they have 4 missional projects in other parts of Latin America, all lead by their own church members!

This year there were only 2 “Ends of the earth” missionaries invited from outside, all of the rest where families from Ekklesia! These are people that used to sit in the “pews” of the church, but are now serving in totally closed countries in Central Asia, the Middle East, and Thailand!

God is doing something incredible and He is raising up even more workers to send to the fields from this Hispanic congregation in the Washington D.C. area. This is the difference between Global Focus and many other missional focused programs.

In Global Focus we do not just teach about missions in a missions event, we come along side churches, walking with them in a mentorship role, helping them to make intencional changes and paradigm shifts which engage and involve the entire church until the church is sending out it’s own workers to the fields.

Join in on the Movement of God

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Last week I told you how Global Focus in Latin America is helping to facilitate a movement of God to the nations. We have now grown to 14 facilitators that are mentoring over 300 churches in 12 different countries.
We believe that the next great movement of God in missions is emerging from Latin America towards the unreached. Please prayerfully consider helping raise the $7,500.00 for our facilitators training events and train even more facilitators to engage and mentor even more churches in Latin America.

Last week was a great week participating in COMIBAM (The Latin American Missions Congress). Several of the GF facilitators participated and we were able to engage hundreds of leaders throughout Latin America. We were also able to lead Centro de Fe y Esperanza church of Bogota (Faith and Hope Center) start the GF process this weekend. We were able to train about 70 of the church’s leadership and preach Sunday, the alter was full of people committing to become an “Antioch Church” to reach the nations from Colombia. This week, Xochitl and I are with our pastor at his Timothy Barnabas ministry school in California, and this weekend will be able to connect with Matthew and Nayeli and debrief about their vision trip to Southeast Asia.

Thank you for holding the ropes in prayer and financially for our ministry!

The Great Commission is from Everywhere to Everywhere

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Global Focus Latin America is now mobilizing hundreds of churches with that same exact process, and the result have been astounding. Churches in Latin America, even in Venezuela, which is now a country in chaos, and crisis, are not only starting new churches in their own country, they are reaching different indigenous groups in the amazon jungle.

Global Focus churches are now reaching different ethnic groups like the Chinese population, the Syrian population, Central Asian mlsms that are living in Latin America. Before, these churches were only reaching the Spanish speaking population, but now, they are leaning other languages in order to cross cultural and linguistic barriers in order to make disciples of “all peoples”.

All over Latin America, Global Focus churches are personally participating in the Great Commission by going on short term missions trips, justice past summer churches in Latin America went to minister in Central Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and in the Amazon jungle. All of them , lay members of churches, paying their own expense in order to personally fulfill the purpose of the church by taking the Gospel to the nations.

Not only that, but these churches are now also sending out their own missionary units to the unreached; Connect Global has helped to send out now more than 50 missionary units from churches that have implemented GF in Latin America.

These units are in some of the most difficult areas for the Gospel, there they are winning mslms to faith in Christ, discipling them, and planting the church, where there was no church. So we see that through the Global Focus missional process, the mission field, is becoming a mission force.

We Need Your Help

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It is not often I personally ask for your help in our ministry, but this time we absolutely do need you to pray about a special project. If we are going to continue helping create a Missional Movement of God in Latin America, we need to train even more facilitators. Obviously it is imposible for me to mentor hundreds or thousands of churches personally. We now have 14 Global Focus facilitators in Latin America, all of who are pastors that have implemented Global Focus in their own churches, and seen first hand the transformation that it brings, also all of these pastors have sent missionaries to the field. Our goal is by next year to have at least 25 facilitators mentoring even more churches.

This year we are going to have a couple of Global Focus Facilitator Training events in which we teach the transformation principals to mobilize churches. We need to help several of the facilitators with their airfare to the training event, and with some of the housing costs. We do not pay any of our facilitators, they are all mentoring churches because it is their firm conviction that Global Focus will help create the God sized missional movement, but we do need to help them with the training cost’s which is about $7,500.00. Please prayerfully consider this helping us with this project and continue to create a missional movement of God in Latin America towards the nations. If you are able to help with this special project please send your love offering to Connect Global; P.O. Box 1028; Woodstock, GA 30188. Or you can send via Paypal on our new website;

Multiplication of Global Focus Latin American Facilitators

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“If you mobilize a candidate, you have a missionary to send to the field, if you mobilize their church, you will have an entire church on mission with God, locally and globally, capable of sending many candidates, if you mobilize hundreds of churches, you will create a movement of God.” Right now in Global Focus Latin America we are mobilizing hundreds of churches in Latin America, and God is creating a missions movement, especially to the unreached. This week we are participating in the Latin American Missions Congress (COMIBAM; Latin American Missions Cooperation) with nearly 2,000 missions leaders, and pastors from all over Latin America, Brazil, and Spain.

I was able to teach on how the Global Focus missional process is transforming churches all over Latin America, and how they are sending out their own missionaries, even to some of the hardest areas of the unreached world. We have had hundreds of people come by our stand, and engage us saying “This is exactly what we need and been looking for.” As a result of this one meeting we will begin to mentor many more churches, and now 2 more major denominations in Latin America have asked us to mentor their entire denominations, one has 2,000 churches, the other had 3,000 churches. The doors of opportunity in Latin America are wide open, churches are now realizing that this is “our time” this is the time to step up to the plate and send out our own people to take the Gospel to every tribe, tongue and nation.

Why Mobilization is Necessary

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Our natural focus is always inward, we are by our own sinful nature self-centered. So inevitably churches tend after time tend to focus inwardly and not outwardly. Their focus becomes how many people they can get to come into their buildings on Sunday’s, so they have to develop relevant, innovative services to draw people to their buildings.

They have to maintain and upgrade the buildings so people want to come in, etc….. and slowly our focus becomes inward towards ourselves, and not as Jesus intended the focus of His church to be, which would be out side the walls of the church. That is why mobilization is necessary, because it is more natural to focus on ourselves (our church, our people, our city) than it is to focus on the world.

Because I travel almost every week, sometimes I need to go to my chiropractor and he applies pressure to align my back.
That is what Global Focus does, it helps a church to align around the true reason that it exits, to be God’s instrument to extend His Kingdom to every people group in the planet.

That is why Global Focus is not a seminar or a teaching course, but a process of implementing paradigm changes. Just as my chiropractor applies pressure each visit, so GF each mentoring session helps align each local church and apply changes that result in mobilizing the entire church around God’s global mission.

Working with Syrian Refugee’s in Jordan

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On Tuesday evening my wife and I will arrive in Amman, Jordan with a team of candidates from Mexico, Peru and Venezuela. We are also taking a medical doctor from Mexico who will be helping us with medical services for the refugee’s.

All of the candidates and the doctor are from churches we are mentoring in Latin America. This is the natural response when a church implements the changes and paradigm shifts that we recommend, they begin to participate personally in missions, and send their own missionaries to the fields.

God is doing something extraordinary among the refugee population and we are seeing hundreds come to faith in Christ. The very first lesson we teach in the Global Focus is that the primary motivation for missions is glory of God. That He desires to be glorified and He orchestrates everything in order to glorify Himself and draw all peoples to Himself. That is exactly what is happening in the refugee crisis. God has orchestrated these events, that many times we look at and think are devastating, but in reality He is doing it to glorify Himself and draw men to Himself. Please pray for our trip and our time there, that God would use us as His instruments, and that He would open doors for our candidates.

This week Nayeli and Matthew return from their vision trip to Southeast Asia. God has done some incredible things in their lives, please be in prayer for them as they seek His direction on their future involvement in ministry there. Thank you for your continued prayers for L.G. and family (we will call them Ester and Cyrus from now on) as they return to minister to one of the most closed countries in the Middle East.

Last week I was able to preach for my good friend Steve Flockhart at New Season Church in Metro Atlanta. This is one of the first churches to partner with our ministry when we started. We had one young woman confess publicly her faith in Christ and many decisions to live missional.

This weekend I was in Morristown, TN at a Hispanic church; Iglesia Bautista de la Gran Comision (Great Commission Baptist) and take their leadership through the Global Focus seminar for 6 hours on Saturday, and then preach on Sunday were we had 3 come to faith in Christ, and dozens surrender their lives to missions.

This small Hispanic church is now sending their first cross cultural worker to the unreached!

This week my wife and I are in Mexico, and this weekend we will continue to mentor Getsemani Baptist Church of Puebla, with pastor missionary Bruce Bell (who is the founder of Miramonte Baptist in San Salvador 45 years ago).

Starting Global Focus in Guatemala

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Guatemala is the most evangelical country in all of Latin America. One hundred and twenty years ago the Quakers sent missionaries to Guatemala and started a denomination of churches called “La Iglesia de los Amigos” (The church of friends). Even though their denomination is smaller, they want to be able to make an impact in the world. Pastor Maudiel came to one our our Global Focus intensive training’s at Miramonte in El Salvador a few years ago, and saw that the focus and excitement of the entire church was on fulfilling God’s mission. He said, that is what I want for my church, and what I want for our denomination.

Luis Marti and I had the privilege of teaching the initial Global Focus seminar to about 70 of their leaders. We started Friday evening and taught and preached all day Saturday. It was amazing to see the people, many of whom had been in church most all of their lives, and the lights started coming on, that the purpose of the church if to fulfill His mission!

Then the pastor got excited as he saw his leaders do the case studies in our seminar, and in group discuss how their church could be more strategically involved in missions both locally and globally. It was evident that God was igniting a passion for them to take the same Gospel to the unreached that Quaker missionaries had brought to them 120 years ago.

That evening Pastor Luis preached a tremendous word from the Lord on how to reach unreached people groups, and on Sunday am, they invited me to preach their anniversary service. God did an incredible work, and 8 people publicly confessed Christ as their Savior and several dozens surrendered their lives to a missionary call.