Our Mission

is to empower local churches for Global Impact.
To help them develop the resources that God
has given them in order to impact the lostness
of our world, especially among the unreached.


Enfoque Global is engaging churches in Latin America to embrace God’s heart for the nations by Mentoring Churches and Mobilizing Missionary Candidates to Unreached People Groups. After connecting them to the Field and Sending Organizations, we continue to partner with them through various projects that aid their long-term strategy and vision.

Language Groups with No Bible
People Groups with No Missionary
of People are Oral Learners


Mentoring Churches

Through the Global Focus Missional Process we mentor hundreds of churches in Latin America and the U.S. to embrace God’s Mission, to make disciples. This process is designed with 6 modules that helps the church to implement paradigm shifts and strategies that help churches engage their own people to a much greater personal involvement in God’s Mission, both locally and globally.

Mobilizing Missionary Candidates

There are over 6,000 unreached people groups in the world today. These are ethnic groups have little or no access to the Gospel of Christ. We help to mobilize Latin American missionaries to the unreached people groups. There are two main reasons why Latin American missionaries are pivotal in reaching the unreached.

Connecting Candidates to the Field

Once we mentor churches, and help mobilize their own people to fulfill the Great Commission, we help connect them with other churches in Latin America and around the world. We believe that we can do together what we could never accomplish individually. We help churches to form “networks” that are focused on a certain unreached people group by collectively adopting them.

Partnering on the Field

Not only do we shepherd the candidate and their church through the entire process until they arrive to their new field of service, we partner with them once they are on the field. We take their church and other churches in Latin America to work with them on specific projects that engages the church in working with their missionary on the field.


Are you ready?

In Latin America, the are more than 100 million evangelical christians ready to be Mobelized to the Nations!
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