Earthquake in Mexico City

By September 20, 2017 No Comments

This week I was supposed to be in Mexico City and Puebla, mentoring churches. They called a couple of weeks ago and asked to reschedule in order to have more time in developing leaders for their Global Teams. Of course no one knew that yesterday a massive 7.1 earthquake would violently  shake this area, destroying buildings, homes, schools and the tarmac at the international airport. Please pray for the people of Central Mexico in this very difficult tragedy, there are already hundreds reported dead, and we are sure that the death toll will continue to raise as they access the tragedy. We have called all of our family members and friends there,  they are fine as of now, some without power.

The first half of this next week, Xochitl and I will be at the Global Impact Celebration of a partner church in Decatur, AL, then we fly to South America for an almost 3 week trip,  to lead Global Celebrations for churches we have mentored in Bolivia, Brazil, and Peru.